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Pregnancy Skin Care Faves

My preggy must-haves! 
*Bio-Oil- This was recommended to me by my bestfriend’s sister. I have started to have stretch marks on my thighs. 😭😭😭 Good thing everytime I apply Bio-Oil, it moisturizes my targeted skin parts and makes it elastic! 

*Evian Facial Spray-I have so much love for this product! I use it most times of the day especially when it is really hot. I love its freshness and coolness effects on my face! 

*Shiseido White Lucent Line -what i love about these products, 2-3 days after you start using these, you will see visible results! My face feels smooth and a little lighter. 

*Céleteque Facial Moisturizer-I’m so thankful I tried this product. It really works for me. It is smooth and non-sticky on my face. Plus, it works and stays whole day. Everytime I start my night skin facial regime, I notice my face is still moisturized from this!

I’ve been obsessed with moisturizing my skin since the day I knew I was pregnant. Luckily, I found these good quality products! I got lots of r…